Secrets - Four One-Session Fright-Night Adventures (Call Of Cthulhu)
Brian M. Sammons
Chaosium Inc.,U.S. (1997)
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Games / Role Playing & Fantasy, Call Of Cthulhu (Game)
Softcover 9781568821009
USA  English
Every one holds a few dark, deep secrets close to their hearts. Some are small, and would seem unimportant if they were exposed to the light of day. Others are big, and could change the world. This book is about secrets that have been allowed to fester and darken in the shadows. Why was Robert Monroe-Tylor's coffin filled with bricks? What horror left Jason Andrews to die a sickening death? Why does Ralph Morgan hold conversations with himself? What manner of creature stalks the Vermont countryside? Investigators must uncover these secrets before they are destroyed by them.This Fright Night scenario pack is suitable for beginning keepers and investigators. The adventures can also be used by experienced keepers as interludes in a longer campaign. The scenarios in this supplement are short, providing four nights of fright!
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