Bubblegum Crisis: Ex
R Talsorian Games (1998)
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Expansion, Games / Role Playing & Fantasy
Softcover 9780937279977
USA  English
EXtra! EXciting! EXplosive! EXtreme! All of these words describe Bubblegum Crisis EX, the new EXpansion for the Bubblegum Crisis Role-Playing Game. In BGC EX, you'll find the coolest stuff that was never seen in the anime series. That's right, BGC EX gives you never-before-seen prototypes, variations, and advanced versions of BGC's many mecha!

In addition, BGC EX provides expanded portraits of the major characters, a stand-alone Hardsuit construction system, tons of scenario ideas, and a complete adventure. Plus there's a wealth of "Bubblegum Crossfire" campaign material, with information on major cities across the globe, an examination of the frontiers of the BGC world (from deep space to the ocean floors to virtual reality), and guidelines for refereeing Bubblegum Crisis' monstrous mascots: Boomers.
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