Excel Saga, Volume 22
Rikdo Koshi
Viz (2011)
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Fantasy, Manga
Comics & Graphic Novels / General, Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / Fantasy, Comics & Graphic Novels / Manga / General
Paperback 9781421535708
Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for T+ audiences. Under the clear, unambiguous orders (you can never be too sure of that inExcel Saga) once more of Lord Il Palazzo, Excel sneaks into the very place that figures in her half-remembered visions: Shiouji's lab! Knocked out and captured once inside, Excel is interrogated by Matsuya, but she'll never talk! Never! Well, knowing her, maybe she'll talk a little. Meanwhile, Dr. Kabapu, finally realizing that the flaw in using Iwata as an agent of justice is Iwata, decides to take direct personal control of his super-powered suit! Oh my God, thisisstarting to sound like an anime!
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