Excel Saga, Volume 21
Rikdo Koshi
VIZ Media LLC (2010)
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Fantasy, Manga
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Paperback 9781421531618
R to L (Japanese Style). It's oo-er in the sewer as Excel and Elgala make their stealthy, stinky way beneath Fukuoka, determined to return to base at last! But when Excel fulfills her dream of reaching out to touch her Lord, it seems he's not quite there...but unfortunately, a certain sprightly robot is! And speaking of mechanical menaces, why should Iwata be allowed to create chaos in just one body, when there's so much more he could inflict with three? Sent by Shiouji to infiltrate the underground sanctum, there's only one thing now that can prevent the professor from learning all of ACROSS's secrets--the fact Iwata is extremely dumb.
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