Excel Saga, Volume 9
Rikdo Koshi
VIZ Media LLC (2004)
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Fantasy, Manga
Comic Books, Strips, Etc - Japan, Conspiracies, Graphic Novels, Japan, Teenage Girls
Paperback 9781591162346
Fukuoka 911! Perhaps the stress of the hobo lifestyle has led Excel Saga's characters to crack and imagine themselves cast in a badly-edited retrospective on Japanese cop shows. Back in The Real World - no, not the MTV version, but the one with the poverty, squalor, and filth - life brings surprising new fortune to Hyatt, Excel, and Elgala, as they are mysteriously led to new digs equipped with dig Cable!!! But the girls' short-lived attempt to jump right back out of unblissful reality through that mercy-packed syringe known as the remote is quashed by remembering the mission - the conquer-the-city-of-Fukuoka mission - as strange new avenues of commonalties are discovered between II Palazzo and Dr. Kabapu.
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