Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 2: The Desert Tiger - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Volume 2
Liu Goto
TokyoPop (2006)
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Fantasy, Manga
Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction Comic Books, Strips, Etc, Space Colonies
Paperback 9781595328823
The Archangel manages to shake off LeCreuset's team and descends to Earth, but ends up in North Africa--the very heart of enemy territory! Luckily, the crew meets up with Cagalli Yula and a group of local freedom fighters known as Desert Dawn. But Andrew Waltfeld, ZAFT's infamous strategist (nicknamed the "Desert Tiger"), poses a deadly threat. Using his Coordinator abilities, Kira desperately tries to save Murrue, La Flaga, and his Natural friends by piloting the Strike--but can he survive a land battle in a machine built for space? As the war rages on, the bonds of love and friendship are tested in this second novel, based on the sophisticated television series: GUNDAM SEED.
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