Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #587
DC Comics
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Night People, Part 1
June 1988
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A man named Derek Mitchell escapes Gotham Penetentiary and seeks revenge on someone named Kadaver; a homeless man is stabbed in the chest by an unknown assailant; Batman tracks down a cocaine shipment at Gotham Harbour, but the head man, Woolf, escapes; the police chase Mitchell to a chemical plant where he appeared to die in an explosion, but out emergenced the Corrosive Man.
Writer John Wagner, Alan Grant
Artist Norm Breyfogle
Colorist Adrienne Roy
Letterer Todd Klein
Cover Artist Norm Breyfogle
Editor Denny O'Neil
Corrosive Man (Derek Mitchell)
Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Product Details
Series Group Detective Comics
Genre Action, Adventure, Crime, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date June 1988

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Condition Good
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Condition is G 2.0. Fold in middle of Book. Image is scan of comic in stock. Comic is bagged and boarded. CB-0082-GK