Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #577
DC Comics
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Batman: Year Two, Chapter 3: Deadly Allies
August 1987
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Batman works alongside Joe Chill, despite the difference in methods, convincing a hippie drug-dealer that he is to work for Boss Moritz; Moritz tells Chill that he will be rewarded for killing Batman after the Reaper is eliminated; Bruce Wayne convinces Rachel Caspian to not join the convent to be with him and meets her father Judson Caspian, unaware that he is the Reaper; when one of Gordon's officers is killed staking out a drug deal and he spots the Batman, he believes Batman is the killer; the Reaper kills a number of officers and druggies and escapes.
Writer Mike W. Barr
Artist Todd McFarlane
Inker Alfredo Alcala
Colorist Adrienne Roy
Letterer John Costanza
Cover Penciller Todd McFarlane
Cover Inker Pablo Marcos
Editor Denny O'Neil
Alfred Pennyworth
Leslie Thompkins
Joe Chill
Reaper (Judson Caspian)
James 'Jim' Gordon
Batman (Bruce Wayne)

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Series Group Detective Comics
Genre Action, Adventure, Crime, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date August 1987

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