Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #567
DC Comics
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The Night Of Thanks, No Thanks / The Face Of Barricade
October 1986
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"The Night of Thanks, No Thanks" - As Batman patrols the city, every crime he thinks being committed is either a misunderstanding, or someone beats him to the punch. "The Face of Barricade" - Green Arrow tries to save Onyx while Barricade tries to obtain the key to the Book of Life.
Writer Joey Cavalieri, Harlan Ellison
Penciller Stan Woch, Gene Colan
Inker Dave Hunt, Bob Smith
Colorist Shelley Eiber, Adrienne Roy
Letterer John Costanza, Todd Klein
Cover Artist Klaus Janson
Editor Len Wein
Alfred Pennyworth
Robin (Jason Todd)
Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
Onyx (Onyx Adams)
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Barricade (Lars)
Black Canary (Dinah Lance)

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Series Group Detective Comics
Genre Action, Adventure, Crime, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date October 1986

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