Action Comics, Vol. 1 #601
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...And The Pain Shall Leave My Heart / Moral Stand, Part 1 / Listening To The Mockingbird / Faster Than A Speeding Bullet! / The Section Chief / Another Fine War, Part 1
5/25/1988  Weekly Edition
Comic  Modern Age $1.50
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Green Lantern: ...And The Pain Shall Leave My Heart - At John Stewart's suggestion, Hal Jordan flies to South Africa and takes a diamond from an abandoned mine. While he's there, Star Sapphire finds Katma Tui alone at John's aprtment and kills her.Wild Dog: Moral Stand - Chapter One: Point of Order - The Committee for Social Change take the mayor hostage and demand Wild Dog be handed over to them. Wild Dog arrives and deals with the terrorists in his own fashion.Secret Six: Listening To The Mockingbird - As the original Secret Six plan a reunion, Mockingbird arranges for six new members to meet for the first time.Superman: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet! - Superman saves a man from being gunned down.Deadman: The Section Chief - Deadman finds the CIA dealing guns for drugs near a sacred temple in Latin America. Investigating the temple, he finds the new CIA section chief can see him.Blackhawk: Another Fine War - Following the end of World War II, Blackhawk is at a loose end in Asia though someone is looking for him.
Writer Mike Grell, Roger Stern, Martin Pasko, Mike Baron, Max Allan Collins, James C. Owsley
Penciller Curt Swan, Terry Beatty, Rick Burchett, Dan Jurgens
Artist Gil Kane, Dan Spiegle
Inker John Nyberg, Pablo Marcos, John Beatty, Tony DeZuniga
Colorist Carl Gafford, Liz Bérubé, Tom Ziuko, Michele Wolfman, Anthony Tollin
Letterer Carrie Spiegle, Steve Haynie, Bill Oakley, Albert De Guzman, Gaspar Saladino
Cover Artist Dave Gibbons
Editor Mike Gold, Denny O'Neil, Dick Giordano, Barbara Randall, Mike Carlin
Blackhawk (Janos Prohaska)
Deadman (Boston Brand)
Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)
Katma Tui
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Wild Dog (Jack Wheeler)
John Stewart
Crimson Dawn
Lili de Neuve
Carlo di Rienzi
August Durant
King Savage
Mitch Hoberman
La Donna Jameal
Anthony Mantegna
Luke McKendrick
Vic Sommers
Maria Verdugo
Rafael di Rienzi
Tiger Force
Cynthia Hastings
Mockingbird (August Durant)
Green Lantern (Arisia Rrab)
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)

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Genre Action, Adventure, Anthology, Super-Heroes, War
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 4/5/1988

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