Acceptable Risk
Robin Cook
Berkley (2002)
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Medical Thriller, Suspense
Designer Drugs, Medical Novels, Medicine, Medicine - Research, Novela Estadounidense
Mass Market Paperback 9780425151860
USA  English
Robin Cook has always been on the cutting edge of the latest medical controversies. In Acceptable Risk, he confronts one of the most provocative issues of our time: personality-altering drugs and the complex moral questions they raise. Neuroscientist Edward Armstrong has managed to isolate a psychotropic drug with a strange and dark history--one that may account for the public hysteria during the Salem witch trials. In a brilliant designer-drug transformation, it is developed into an antidepressant with truly startling therapeutic capabilities. But who can be sure the drug is safe for consumers? Who defines the boundaries of "normal" human behavior? And if the drug's side effects are proven to be dangerous--even terrifying--how far will the medical community go to alter their standards of...Acceptable Risk.
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