Zero Option
P.T. Deutermann
St. Martin's (1999)
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Medical Thriller, Suspense
Atlanta (Ga.), Biological Weapons, Fiction / Espionage, Fiction / General, FICTION / Suspense
Mass Market Paperback 9780312970048
USA  English
They call it "Wet Eye": a biological weapon that literally eats out the eyes of its victims. Now, deep within the belly of the U.S. military establishment, one small silver canister of Wet Eye is missing-lost because a career pencil-pusher has cut a million-dollar deal and signed it in blood. For David Stafford, a Defense Department investigator, finding the missing canister means ripping through layers of cover-ups, bureaucracy, and one man's murderous determination to sell Wet Eye to an international arms dealer. But the military would rather silence Stafford than admit to a security breach. And now, the only person who can stop a biological conflagration is an innocent child-who has looked into the face of evil, and seen it with her own two eyes....
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