Box set: 8 Disc Set

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Season 2
A.D. Vision (2003)
Action, Adventure, Animation, Anime, Drama, Fantasy
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IMDB   7.7
945 mins Japan / Japanese
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Kotono Mitsuishi Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon; (Japanese Voice)
Liza Balkan
Linda Ballantyne
Karen Bernstein
Aya Hisakawa
Shiho Niiyama
Michie Tomizawa
Masako Katsuki
Tôru Furuya
Rica Fukami
Keiko Han
Stephanie Morgenstern
Emi Shinohara
Katie Griffin
Megumi Ogata
Junichi Sato

Usagi Tsukino is an ordinary teenage girl who discovers that she is "Sailor Moon", the pretty soldier of love and justice. Guided by her guardian cat Luna, Usagi must find the moon princess and protect Earth from the Dark Kingdom. Joining Usagi are her new Sailor Senshi friends and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.
 30 mins    3/6/1993  1.  Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear
Two months after the final battle against Queen Beryl, a mysterious meteorite crashes near the Tsukino household. The next day, two students transfer into Usagi's school, Seijuro and Natsumi. They are really Ali and En, two aliens that arrived in the meteorite crash. Although they pretend to be siblings while at school, they are really lovers. They quickly grow jealous of each other as Ali falls for Usagi and En falls for Mamoru. They need life energy to feed their Doom Tree so they create a monster to steal energy from humans. After Luna and Artemis realized that they can't handle the cardian by themselves, Luna restores Usagi's memories, and she becomes Sailor moon once again. Although she defeats the monster, Usagi regrets regaining her memories because neither Mamoru nor the other girls remember their past together.
 30 mins    3/13/1993  2.  For Love and Justice! A Sailor Warrior Once Again
Ami, Rei, Minako and Makoto are invited to a studio to audition for a part in a new TV show. Seijuro and Natsumi are also invited, however, Usagi was not, so she decides to sneak in. Once inside, she realizes that it is a trap and a cardian is sucking the life energy out of her friends. She transforms and tries to help but is captured. Luna is forced to restore the girls' memories. Reunited again, the Sailor Warriors defeat the monster.
 30 mins    3/1/1993  3.  For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears
When a new cardian attacks a friend of Mako, she becomes hellbent on revenge. Rei uses her divination powers to discover where the cardian will attack next, and the girls go to challenge the monster. The situation turns dire, however, when the cardian defeats all of the girls and then starts to close in on Sailor Moon. Suddenly a masked man appears and throuws a white rose. He says he is the Moonlight Knight, and attacks the cardian with his sword. After Jupiter recovers and defeats the lion, the man vanishes just as mysteriously as he appeared. Usagis is heft wondering if the mystery man is really Mamoru in disguise.
 30 mins    4/10/1993  4.  Usagi's Crisis! The Tiara Doesn't Work
Ali and En hatch another plan to save their Doom Tree. They scheme to collect energy from humans at a new virtual reality game. Everyone is excited about the game and a line forms. En picks the card and Ali plays his flute to turn it into a monster. The cardian starts attacking everyone. When Sailor moon tries to use her tiara to destroy the monster, it doesn't work! The Moonlight Knight and the other Sailor Warriors arrive just in time. After the Warriors defeat the cardian, Usagi is left more confused than ever. Why does her tiara not work? If he's not Mamoru, just who is the Moonlight Knight?
 30 mins    4/17/1993  5.  A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up
It's cherry blossom season, and the girls go to the park to enjoy them. Ali and En are also there because they plan to collect energy from the revelers. After a bunch of attacks from a cardian, the Warriors go to investigate. They are ambushed by the cardian, who begins to suck their energy. Sailor Moon arrives, but when the cardian attacks, her transformation broach is destroyed. She turns back into Usagi and she and Luna are pulled into another dimension. There they meet Queen Serenity, sho gives her a new broach that contains the Silver Crystal. Usagi tranforms and goes to challenge the cardian, but she is still too weak. The Moonlight Knight offers some words of encouragement, and Queen Serenity also appears and gives her the Moon Scepter. With a new wand and a new attack, Sailor Moon easily defeats the cardian and rescues her friends.
 30 mins    4/24/1993  6.  Targeted Kindergarten Kids! Venus' Great Performance
Ali and En decide that young humans have a lot of energy, so they target kindergarten students in their new attack. Usagi uses her disguise power to become a teacher and gets on a bus that Ami predicts will be the next attacked. Minako was already on the bus because she had befriended a little girl who was being bullied. When the cardian attacks, both Sailor Moon and Venus are too weak to defeat it. After the Moonlight Knight offers some encouragement, Sailor Venus uses a new attack to blast the monster. Sailor Moon finishes off the cardian.
 30 mins    5/1/1993  7.  Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem
The aliens decide to attack a nursery school to get energy. Ami and Usagi witness the attack. Mamoru also arrives, and they all go to the hospital together. When they realized that little Manami will have no one to care for him while heis mother is recovering, Usagi and Mamoru volunteer. Of course, things quickly become a mess. When the cardian attacks another nursery, the Sailor Warriors go to defend the babies. Sailor Mercury uses a new attack to freeze the monster, and Sailor Moon finishes him off. Usagi and Mamoru return the baby to his mother and are amazed that he can now talk!
 30 mins    5/8/1993  8.  The Culture Fest is for Me?! Queen Rei Sings With Passion
Rei helps organize the Culture Festival at school and starts to get a big head about her singer/songwriter talents. Meanwhile, Ali and En decide that the festival would be a good opportunity to collect energy. When the cardian attacks in the middle of Rei's song, she gets so mad that she transforms and uses a new attack. Sailor Moon finishes the monster off, and the festival continues.
 30 mins    5/22/1993  9.  Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love
Seijuro is always getting harassed by girls who want to make him lunch. Mako starts to get a crush on him because she thinks he might be the Moonlight Knight. She follows him to the roof and offers him part of her lunch. He grudgingly accepts the food (he had never before eaten Earth food). En gets jealous and attacks them both. The other Warriors appear, but are quickly trapped by the cardian. Jupiter uses a new attack after she is freed by the Moonlight Knight. Sailor Moon finishes off the cardian, but Ali and En escape together.
 30 mins    5/29/1993  10.  Steal Mamoru's Kiss! En's Snow White Strategy
The girls decide to help Mamoru stage the play Snow White. They all argue over who will get the lead part, and decide to draw straws. Natsumi rigs the draw so that she will get the part (which involves kissing Prince Charming, played by Mamoru). Ali gets jealous and sends a cardian to attack. The Warriors work together to defeat the monster.
 30 mins    6/5/1993  11.  Be Careful After School! Usagi is a Target
Usagi and Natsumi both get detention after school. When the teacher leaves to go on a date, the two girls compete to see who can finish the assignment first. Natsumi gets weak from lack of energy. She tricks Usagi into closing her eyes and begins to steal her energy when they are interrupted by a renegade cardian who is causing a ruckus outside. Usagi transforms but is too weak to attack the monster. With the Moonlight Knight's encouragment, however, she regains her strength and defeats the cardian.
 30 mins    6/12/1993  12.  The Lovers' Hearts Disagree! The Angry Doom Tree
When Seijuro and Natsumi miss school, Usagi goes to visit them at their apartment. She is attacked by the Doom Tree when she tries to peek into a secret room, but the aliens explain that it's just a botany experiment. Back at Rei's shrine, the girls discover that Seijuro and Natsumi are really aliens by testing a twig caught in Usagi's hair. Later, Usagi runs into Mamoru outside of the apartment and tries to convince him not to visit. When he doesn't believe her, they end up going together. Natsum traps Usagi in the room with the Doom Tree and a cardian. When the cardian starts sucking Usagi's life energy, the Doom Tree starts growing. Eventually, the tree engulfs the entire building. The other Sailor Warriors arrive outside and try to find a way to get inside and save Usagi and Mamoru.
 30 mins    6/19/1993  13.  True Love Awakens! The Doom Tree's Secret
The Sailor Warriors manage to make it into the building, where they are confronted by Ali, En and the Doom Tree (which has Usagi and Mamoru in its branches). Ali and En start bickering as they each try to save their loved ones from the other's attack. When Sailor Moon tranforms it surprises the aliens, but En decides to attack both Sailor Moon and Mamoru anyway. During the chaos, the Doom Tree goes berserk and kills En. Suddenly, the Doom Tree starts to talk, telling the story of its sorrowful past. It explains that it needs love energy to live, not the stolen energy of humans. It asks Sailor Moon to heal it, and it becomes a tiny sapling. With its remaining energy, it brings En back to life. The Moonlight Knight also appears and reveals himself as Mamoru. He explains that Mamoru had been split into two parts that can now be reunited. He merges with the fallen Mamoru. When Mamoru awakens, his memories are restored! Ali and En, now fully recovered, take the seedling and decide to make a
 30 mins    6/26/1993  14.  An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl from the Sky
A UFO can be seen in the sky. Four sisters of the Dark Moon family and Rubeus look down upon Tokyo and plot its demise. Having renewed their love for each other, Usagi and Mamoru walk around and arrive at a dock. To their surprise, as they were kissing, a little pink-haired girl with a ""dumpling head""-style hairdo falls from the sky and lands on Usagi. The girl gets up and demands the Silver Crystal from Usagi. After Usagi denies her, the girl disappears. When Usagi gets home, she finds the girl, ChibiUsa, has moved into her house and brainwashed her family into thinking that she's Usagi's cousin! Her mother even shows her pictures to prove that ChibiUsa is a part of the family. The Warriors meet at Rei's shrine to try and discover something aboutthe mystery girl. ChibiUsa follows them and uses her magic to add sleeping powder to their tea. All the irls pass out except for Usagi, who was too busy stuffing her face with cake to bother with the tea. Koan appears and attacks both of them.
 30 mins    7/3/1993  15.  Huge Shock for Usagi! Mamoru Declares a Break Up
Rubeus reveals to the evil sisters that he has found another way to destroy Crystal Tokyo. There are five crystal points around the city that they need to infect with dark energy. Meanwhile, Mamoru is getting terrible visions of a future city being destroyed. He decides that he needs to break up with Usagi. Usagi is devastaed by the news, add she wanders into a make-up store with tears on her face. The store is one of the crystal points, and Berthier has already installed a droid there. The droid is selling make-up that is infected with dark energy. The droid attacks Usagi, and she transforms into Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask arrives to offer words of encouragement, and Sailor Moon destroys the droid. However, even though Tuxedo Mask came to defend Sailor Moon, he denies that he has any feelings for her.
 30 mins    7/10/1993  16.  The Friendship of Sailor Warriors! Good-bye Ami-chan
Ami recieved a scholoraship to study medicine in Germany and has decided to accept it. The girls are all saddened at the thought of her leaving. As Ami waits in the airport, the other Warriors rush to save Venus, who has discovered an evil plan to freeze patrons of an ice cream shop (one of the crystal points of future Tokyo). Mamoru and ChibiUsa are etrusted to deliver a last gift to Ami. When Ami sees that her gift is a new transformation pen, she decides to stay. She transforms and arrives just in time to save the other Warriors with her new attack.
 30 mins    7/24/1993  17.  Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move
Rei's grandfather starts an aerobic class to get more women to come to the shrine. Rubeus discovers that the shrine is one of the crystal points and sends Koan to infect it with dark energy. Koan and a droid enroll in the class, but soon start a riot when they induce all of the other students to fight. The droid starts to attack Grandpa, but Sailor Moon attacks and destroys it. Rei steps up to avenge the harm done to her grandfather. She blasts Kaon with her new attack. Koan is forced to retreat.
 30 mins    7/31/1993  18.  In Search of the Silver Crystal! ChibiUsa's Secret
Petz uses a droid to created a thunderstorm, in hopes of frightening ChibiUsa out into the open. ChibiUsa gets tired of waiting for someone to pick her up from school and starts walking home. She is very frightened by the thunder and decides to communicate with a mysterious woman via her Luna-P ball. Even though the woman tells her she can't go back to the future, ChibiUsa tries to use her time key anyway. However, she only succeeds in altering the gravity in a nearby coffee shop where the other girls had gathered. Petz notices the burst of energy and sends her droid to attack the shop. Sailor Moon defeats the droid and Petz flees. ChibiUsa apologizes and restores gravity to the store.
 30 mins    8/14/1993  19.  Dispute Over Love! Minako and Mako Face Off
Minako, Makoto and Usagi go to a charm shop to buy some trinkets. Unbeknownst to them, the store has already been targeted as one of the crystal points. Petz and Calaveras are already at the store, spreading their dark energy. Calaveras calls one of her droids to attack the girls. Venus and Jupiter both power up with new transfomarions and use new attacks to drive the evil sisters away. After Usagi hides ChibiUsa in a closet, she transforms and finishes off the droid.
 30 mins    8/21/1993  20.  Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Relationship
ChibiUsa wants to go to her school's curry party, but she needs an adult to help her in the kitchen. Usagi grudgingly agrees to help her. They enlist Mamoru to help as well. They decide go to a grocery store to get the indgredients later that night. Meanwhile, Rubeus has discovered that the store is the next crystal point. Petz, Calaveras and their driod race off to set up a stand that sells ""dark fruits."" By the time Usagi, Mamoru and ChibiUsa arrive at the store, a legion of people infected by the fruit have destroyed everything. Sailor Moon destroys the avocado monster with the help of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Mars. The two evil sisters are about to challenge them when the other Warriors arrive. Realizing that they are surrounded, Petz and Calaveras flee.
 30 mins    8/28/1993  21.  The Ocean! The Island! A Vacation! A Break for the Sailor Warriors
Rei goes to an isolated island to practice her skills, but soon the other girls decide to join her. While on the island, ChibiUsa makes friends with a baby dinosaur when he rescues her from a shark attack. When the mother arrives and tries to drag the baby away, ChibiUsa is hurt at the loss of her new friend. Then she realizes why the dinosaurs want to leave; the island's volcano is about to blow! There is a cave-in that traps ChibiUsa's new friend. The Sailor Warriors finally find ChibiUsa and use their powers to stall the lava and rescue the dinosaurs.
 30 mins    9/11/1993  22.  Protect Chibi-Usa! Clash of the 10 Warriors
ChibiUsa is lonely and tries again to use her key to return to the future after an incident at the Tsukino resident, where she wet Usagi's bed. The girls set out to look for her, but Berthier and Koan notice the energy flux and chase ChibiUsa. Sailor Moon arrives just in time to defend her from the evil sisters' attack. Soon, all of the sisters and all of the Sailor Warriors arrive and are fighting. Rubeus and Tuxedo Mask also join the fray. Just when the Warriors get the upper hand, Rubeus calls for a retreat. During the battle, Sailor Moon realizes that she would do anyhting to protect ChibiUsa (even though she views her as a pets). Back at the hideout of the Black Moon family, Wiseman realizes that Sailor Moon is Neo-Queen Serenity of the future Crystal Tokyo.
 30 mins    9/25/1993  23.  Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress
Mamoru is plagued by dreams of the harm that will come to Usagi. He continues to avoid her, hoping that the danger will pass as long as he stays away. When he pretends to have another girlfriend, both Usagi and ChibiUsa are shocked. ChibiUsa runs out to try and find him, and Usagi drowns her miseries with food. Calaveras and Petz track down ChibiUsa and are about to attack when Sailor Moon appears to challenge them. They release a droid that puts Sailor Moon in a deep sleep. When the other Warriors arrive, the evil sisters flee. Unfortunately, nothing can waken the sleeping Sailor moon. She is caught in a never-ending dream, doomed to chase Mamoru but never catch him. Luna runs off to fetch Mamoru when she realzies that he is the only one who can save Sailor Moon. He wakes her with the kiss of true love. Once awake, Sailor Moon easily defeats the droid. However, she is unable to get Mamoru back.
 30 mins    10/2/1993  24.  A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs. Koan
Koan disguises herself as a cosmetrics saleswoman and goes to Rei's shrine in hopes of finding ChibiUsa. Yuichiro sees her attack ChibiUsa and manages to hit her with a broom beofre being knocked unconcious. Mars is very upset and attacks Koan full throttle. Koan calls out for Rubeus' help, but he is callous and will not protect her. After being blasted by all of the Warriors, Sailor Mars shows Koan mercy and asks Sailor Moon to heal her. Healed by the power of the Silver Crystal, Koan becomes human.
 30 mins    10/16/1993  25.  For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash
The battle is on! Berthier challenges Ami to a game of chess, and then seals Usagi, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Koan away. She gives Ami one pawn to play, and tells Ami if she loses her friends will die. Ami thinks hard, but cannot win! She beats Berthier, and Ami's friends are saved. Calaveras and Petz come down, and tell Berthier she is useless and they don't want her back in the Three Sisters Clan. Berthier attempts suicide (by freezing herself) but decides to convert good, when her sister Koan convinces her too.
 30 mins    10/30/1993  26.  Cold-Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters Of Sorrow
Now it's just Calaveras and Petz to finish off the Sailor Warriors. Calaveras attempts to fight off the Sailor Warriors but is easily defeated, and her two sisters convert her. Petz does not listen to Calaveras about turning good, and with her rod attempts to kill them all. Sailor Moon and the others use there attacks, and break the rod. Rubeus throws Calaveras and Petz out, and Petz still wants them dead. After listening to reason, she joins her other sisters in the good world.
 30 mins    11/6/1993  27.  A UFO Appears! The Sailor Warriors are Abducted
ChibiUsa now knows that Usagi is Sailor Moon and that she has the Silver Crystal. She sneaks into Usagi's bedroom and steals the crystal. She tries again to return to the future with her time key, but only succeeds in altering Rubeus to her presence. Both Rubeus and the Warriors race all over town looking for her. When she tries to use the key again, Rubeus appears in his UFO and sucks the four Sailor Warriors up into the ship while Usagi, Mamoru and ChibiUsa look on in horror.
 30 mins    11/13/1993  28.  Defeat Rubeus! The Final Battle in Space
Sailor Moon and ChibiUsa are sucked into the UFO when they try to find their friends. Rubeus uses the power from a special crystal to increase the gravity around Sailor Moon and crush her to death. ChibiUsa notices the source of his power and manages to remove the crystal from the ship and shatter it. As the UFO collapses around them, the reunited Sailor Warriors form a circle around ChibiUsa and teleport away. Rubeus dies as his ship explodes. Later, Esmeraude appears before Prince Dimande and is ordered to take Rubeus' place.
 30 mins    11/20/1993  29.  A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears
ChibiUsa is caught in a nightmare by the Dark Moon and can't wake up. Sailor Pluto appears and asks the Sailor Warriors to accompany her into the dream to save ChibiUsa. The Warriors arrive in the dream at the ruins of Crystal Tokyo. ChibiUsa doesn't recognize the girls and runs away. When she is attacked by a droid, the Warriors transform and start to fight. ChibiUsa shows Sailor Moon the palace and asks her to help her mother who is held captive inside. Before Sailor Moon can do anything, though, she is called to help battle the droid. Things are gonig poorly until ChibiUsa finally starts believing the Warriors are there to help her. Suddenly Sailor Moon finds the strength to destroy the dorid. The girls make it into the palace and find ChibiUsa's mother imprisoned in a ginat crystal. At that moment, the girls find themselves transported back to ChibiUsa's bedside. Shortly later, ChibiUsa wakes up.
 30 mins    12/4/1993  30.  Magical Power of Darkness! Esmeraude's Invasion
Usagi gets jealous of ChibiUsa for monopolizing all of Mamoru's time. Meanwhile, Esmeraude hatches a plan to place crystal figurines at key points in the city. Once all of the figurines are placed, than she will be able to open the Black Gate and destroy the world. The first location is inside of a bakery, so Esmeraude sets up shop. She disguises a droid as a waitress, and it starts to steal the enrgty, freezing all of the customers. Usagi, Mako and Ami come to the shop to get a snack but quickly notice that something is not right. The Warriors battle the droid and finish him off when they realize he is vulnerable to water. The figurine shatters and Esmeraude confronts the girls outside. After making a pass at Tuxedo Mask and giving the girls a boring lecture, she vanishes.
 30 mins    12/11/1993  31.  Our Feelins are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again
Usagi is still depressed over Mamoru. One night she has the same dream that has been plaguing Mamoru (the one that warned him to stay away from her) and she suddenly realizes that he has been avoiding her so that she won't be harmed. She confronts him, saying that if even if the world was desroyed, she'd want to be with him. Meanwhile, Esmeraude has placed another of her figurines at a dark energy point. This one is above a school that teaches classes on how to make special charms called promise rings. The charms infect their wearers with dark energy. Sailor Moon notices the figurine on the building growing rapidly from all of the energy. She starts to fight the droid, and with the help of the other Warriors and Tuxedo Mask, manages to destroy it. Later, Usagi finds Mamoru on the street. She runs into his arms and they kiss.
 30 mins    12/18/1993  32.  Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem
A huge sickening flu strikes the city of Tokyo making everyone sick, besides Minako. Determined to be helpful, she tries to assisant all of her friends while they are out sick. All though her intentions are good, her brain is not thinking straight. She ruins everyones room. Later she transforms and Esmeraude attacks her. While trapped the others, still sick, save her. Esmeraude leaves and Minako is sick by the episodes closure.
 30 mins    12/25/1993  33.  Artemis' Adventure! The Evil Animal Kingdom
Artemis is depressed when a series of misfortunes beset him and he is only ridiculed by Luna for his pain. He decides to go on a quest to gain Luna's respect by helping the Warriors with their mission. When he discovers that Esmeraude and her droid have taken over an animal sanctuary called the Animal Kingdom, he decides that he can handle it himself. The animals are all infected with dark energy and start to attack humans. Luna saves him when he is being chased by a dog. The Warriors arrive and challenge the droid. Artemis attacks the droid just as she catches all of the Warriors in dog collars. Sailor Moon breaks free and finishes off the droid.
 30 mins    1/8/1994  34.  Terrifying Illusion! Ami All Alone
Ami is depressed when the students of a new cram school accuse her of cheating. It's all part of Esmeraude's new plan. She has placed one of her figurines at the school and has infected the entire class with her dark energy. Later, when Ami is investigating the school, she is attacked by a droid. It duplicates itself, but she manages to drive it away. The droid decides that the way to defeat the Sailor Warriors is to turn Mercury against them. It uses illusions to convince Mercury that the girls don't care about her. Just as she is about to attack her friends, Mercury breaks through the illusions and turns agains the droid. Sailor Moon finishes the droid off, thanking Mercury for not attacking them.
 30 mins    1/15/1994  35.  Dark Cate Completed? A Grade School in Danger
Esmeraude uses two droids and two figurines to double up the attack. She targets both a park and the elementary school that ChibiUsa attends. When ChibiUsa arrives late for school, she is attacked by her classmates and teachers. When one of the droids tries to use one of ChibiUsa's friends against her, she gets so mad that a huge blast of energy comes out of the cresent moon on her forehead. From the future, Wiseman realizes that ChibiUsa is the key to defeating Crystal Tokyo. If he can channel her incredible power, nothing can stand in his way! Back on Earth, the Warriors manage to defeat the two droids. Once everyone has recovered, the Sailor Warriors and Mamoru agree to accompany ChibiUsa to the future.
 30 mins    1/22/1994  36.  Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor
ChibiUsa uses her key to transport everyone to the door of time, but on the way they all get separated and Sailor Moon finds herself alone. When she approaches the door of time, she is attacked by a shadowy figure. ChibiUsa arrives just in time to stop the attacker (who is actually Sailor Pluto) and beg entry into the door of time. As the group struggles through the corridor of time, the are attacked by Esmeraude. The blast sends the group flying, seperating the Warriors, Tuxedo Mask and ChibiUsa again. ChibiUsa is wandering around when she sees her mother! Just as she is about to hug her, she realizes that it's really a droid in disguise. The Sailor Warriors arrive and, with the help of ChibiUsa, use a group attack to defeat the droidl After everyone is reunited, the group steps through the gateway of Crystal Tokyo and views the ravaged ruins of the city.
 30 mins    1/29/1994  37.  The Shocking Future! Dimande's Dark Ambition
The group arrives in Crystal Tokyo and ChibiUsa is so upset over the destroyed city that she races off into the fog. The rest of the group is greeted by a projection of King Endymion. He explains the sad history of the attack by the Black Moon family and how he and the other Warriors are the only ones left to defend the palace. He explains that Neo-Queen Serenity was almost killed and now lies in a coma, encased in a protective crystal. King Endymion also reveals that Neo-Queen Serenity is Usagi's futures self and that ChibiUsa is her future daughter! Suddenly Prince Dimande appears and kindnaps Sailor Moon. When she comes to, she is dressed as Neo-Queen Serenity, and she can't transform into Sailor Moon. Dimande is about to kiss her when Tuxedo Mask arrives on a glider and stops him with a red rose. He manages to rescue her when Dimande is distracted by a burst of energy (caused by a jealous Esmeraude).
 30 mins    2/5/1994  38.  Wiseman's Evil Hand! Chibi-Usa Disappears
The Endymion projection informs the group that the future Silver Crystal has been missing since just before the attack of the Black Moon. It was the missing crystal that lowered the dfenses of the city and enabled the attack on Crystal Todyo. Sailor Moon tries to free Neo-Queen Serenity with the Silver Crystal of the past, but it doesn't work. ChibiUsa is so distressed that she runs away, outside of the protection of the palace. Wieseman finds and traps her. He probes her hidden memories to find that she is the one that lost the crystal when she tried to ""borrow"" it so that she could be more lady-like. He tells her that only he believes that it wasn't her fault the crystal disappeared. Later, Esmeraude approaches Wiseman. He gives her a tiara that transforms her into a horrible dragon. It takes all of the groups power to defeat the dragon. It is only after they finally destroy it that they realize that ChibiUsa is gone.
 30 mins    2/12/1994  39.  The Birth of Black Lady, The Queen of Darkness
Wiseman turns ChibiUsa into Black Lady by altering her memories. He makes her believe that nobody ever loved her, least of all her parents. He takes her back into the past to complete the Dark Gate. Sailor Pluto alerts the Warriors to the change in ChibibUsa and send them back into the past as well. They return to find Dimande and Black Lady working together to spread the dark energy throughout the city. Black Lady attacks Sailor Moon, who refuses to return fire as she will not harm ChibiUsa. Sailor Moon uses the power of the Silver Crystal to restore Black Lady's memories. She starts to become ChibiUsa again, but Wiseman interferes and uses his power to taint her memories. She becomes Black Lady once again and vanishes after threatening to fill the world with darkness.
 30 mins    2/19/1994  40.  Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap
Wiseman's Black Crystal has grown to an incredible size, spreading its dark energy throughout 20th century Tokyo. Saphir discovers that he and his brother are just pawns to Wiseman, and that they will both perish in Wiseman's plan to summon Death Phantom. He takes the crystal key card from the control panel of the Black Crystal and runs to warn his brother, but Wiseman finds him and attacks. Saphir flees to the past and is saved by Petz (who always loved him) and her sisters. Still determined to warn his brother, Saphir goes to the Black Crystal. He is struck down by Wiseman, who recovers the stolen key card. Saphir dies, and Dimande blames Wiseman for his brother's death.
 30 mins    3/5/1994  41.  Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi's Determination
The Sailor Warriors confront Black Lady, trying to convince her to stop this madness and turn good again. Black Lady denies them and attacks. Tuxedo Mask blocks a blast meant for Sailor Moon and is injured. Black Lady falters for a moment, and the girls manage to break Wiseman's brainwashing. Unfortunately, Wiseman quickly regains control over Black Lady, and she renews her attack. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask join hands and unite their power. There is a flash of light and to everyone's amazement Sailor Moon is transformed into Neo-Queen Serenity. Wiseman tries to interfere again, engulfing them in a columnt of dark energy but Serenity saves Black Lady with the power of her love and the Silver Crystal restores all of ChibiUsa's memories. As the three (mother, father and daughter) return to Earth together, Wiseman appears above them. He has succeeded in opening the Dark Gate and begins his attack against the world. Sailor Moon steps up to battle but quickly loses ground. ChibiUsa, watchi
 30 mins    2/26/1994  42.  The Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! Love Sworn in the Future
The Sailor Warriors teleport into the middle of the Black Crystal. When they arrive, Sailor Moon falls down a trapdoor. Dimande confronts her, forcing her to swear loyalty (and love) to him but she manages to break the trance that his third eye has put her in. She tries to convince him that their people can live peacefully together. Wiseman arrives and demands that Sailor Moon die. Dimande finally realizes that he was just a pawn, and attacks Wiseman. The two fight until they destroy each other, but Wiseman revives himself from his crystal ball. He attacks Sailor Moon and tries to make her believe that Mamoru and Black Lady are lovers but Sailor Moon refuses to be deceived. Tuxedo Mask arrives with the other Sailor Warriors just as Wiseman is about to deliver the killing blow. Wiseman flees, saying that the Dark Gate is complete and that their world is already lost!
 30 mins    3/12/1994  43.  Usagi and the Girls' Resolve! Prelude to a New Battle
Sailor Mars has a nightmare where the other Soldiers, and the world, are destroyed. The only hope is a mysterious being whom she thinks is the Messiah. Rei wakes up studying with the other girls for their high school entrance exams. Though the others worry because they can tell Rei is upset, she insists nothing's worng. Meanwhile, in a dark, dusky laboritory, a mysterious professor and his assistant, Kaolinite, have dark plans. The professor explains that he needs the Sacred Cup. The way to find the Sacred Cup is to bring together the three Talismans found in the pure hearts of people. He develops Daimon which can draw out these pure hearts, and sends Kaolinite and a Daimon after their first target. The Daimon egg embeds itself in a tree at the Hikawa Shrine, and Kaolinite explains that when the Daimon senses a person with a pure heart, it will attack and get that pure heart. Rei arrives back at the temple and begins praying at the tree. The tree then becomes a monster and attacks Rei.
Guest starring:  Noriko Uemura, Akira Kamiya,  Megumi OgataMasako Katsuki, Michiko Abe
Edition Details
Series Sailor Moon
Distributor A.D. Vision
Release Date 9/16/2003
Packaging Slip Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Surround [Japanese]
SUB [English]
No. of Discs/Tapes 8
Personal Details
Location S-45
Owner GK
Condition Excellent
Current Value $100.00
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User Defined
Weight (grams) 741
Inventory ID CB-0604-GK

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