Nightwing: Ties That Bind
DC Comics
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Nightwing: Ties That Bind' collects the 'Nightwing: Alfred Returns' one-shot and the four issue 'Nightwing' miniseries. Nightwing is Dick Grayson, the original Robin, grown up. During the storylines 'Knightquest: The Search' and 'Knightsend', Bruce Wayne is looking for a way to recover from injuries suffered at the hands of Bane in 'Knightfall'. Driven like a madman to recover and resume his duties as Batman, his loyal butler/best friend Alfred is driven away, not wanting to see the boy he raised to manhood get himself killed. 'Nightwing: Alfred Returns' tells us what Alfred has been doing since he left Bruce Wayne. It seems Alfred has found an old girlfriend, who might have a few surprises for him. Meanwhile, Nightwing has decided Batman needs Alfred, and finds him. Can he convince Alfred to come home? 'Alfred Returns' is the first story in the book. The rest of the book is the 'Nightwing' miniseries. Early on, Dick Grayson decides to quit the hero biz, and meets an interesting girl. If only life were that simple, but Alfred gives Dick some papers, one of which contains what may be new evidence on his parents murder. As Dick resumes the persona of Nightwing and travels overseas to investigate this possible evidence, we learn the girls life is not perfect either.
Writer Alan Grant, Denny O'Neil
Artist Greg Land, Mike Sellers, Dick Giordano, Nick J. Napolitano
Colorist Adrienne Roy, Cathi Bertrand
Letterer John Costanza, Albert De Guzman
Nightwing (Richard 'Dick' Grayson)
Alfred Pennyworth
Batman (Bruce Wayne)

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Genre Adventure
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Release Date 9/1/1997

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