Punisher: No Escape
Marvel Comics
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No Escape
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Punisher has another contract put on him by mobsters. This time a gun-for-hire with enhanced body and weapons called Paladin takes the job. And the guy who was taking over for Captain America is sent after him too. Another enhanced person known as U.S. Agent. These three mix it up hard many times. Lots of good fighting and surprises.
Writer Gregory Wright
Penciller Tod Smith
Inker Danny Bulanadi
Colorist Gregory Wright, Steve White
Letterer Ken Lopez
Cover Artist Joe Jusko
Editor Don Daley
Editor In Chief Tom DeFalco
U.S. Agent (John Walker)
Paladin (Paul Denning)
Punisher (Frank Castle)

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Genre Action
Color Color
Barcode 9780871356468
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 1990

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