Batman / Captain America #NN
DC Comics and Marvel Comics (Elseworlds)
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Prestige format, Elseworlds. Cap an Batman fight Joker and Red Skull during WWII.
Writer Roger Stern, John Byrne
Artist John Byrne
Colorist Trish Mulvihill
Letterer John Byrne
Cover Artist John Byrne
Editor Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Mark Gruenwald, Denny O'Neil
Alfred Pennyworth
Bucky (James Buchanan Barnes)
Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)
Robin (Dick Grayson)
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Sgt. Rock (Frank Rock)
James 'Jim' Gordon
Batman (Bruce Wayne)

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Genre Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Barcode 76194120684400111
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 12/11/1996

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