Sojourn #1TP
CrossGen Comics
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From The Ashes
June 2002
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Hundreds of years ago, the Five Lands joined together to end the tyranny of Mordath. Now a mysterious force has brought him back from the dead, this time with magic powers. With a troll army at his back, Mordath soon puts the Five Lands under his heel. He is the unchallenged master of the world. Only one woman has eluded his iron grip. And with that one woman rests the sole hope of ending Mordath's reign of terror. Sojourn is the story of Arwyn, a woman whose quest for vengeance began in the fires that engulfed her city. Arwyn's one aim is to slay Mordath, but to do that she must first find the weapon that can kill a man who is already dead. One of CrossGen's most popular titles, SOJOURN takes a fresh approach to classic fantasy themes using some of the best artwork in comics today.
Writer Ron Marz
Artist Greg Land

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Series Group Sojourn
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Color Color
Barcode 9781931484152
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 6/5/2002

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